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Pien Tze Huang
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ZhangZhou PIEN TZE HUANG Feng Shi Jing
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    Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding listed enterprise (Stock code 600436), having been ranked among top 10 of the most worthwhile investments for pharmaceuticals listed enterprises, and top 50 of the nationwide Chinese patent medicine industry. It is a national large-scale enterprise in second gear and time-honored enterprise, which is continuously rated as Nationwide Trustworthy Enterprise, Nationwide Harmonious Enterprise, Provincial Level Civilized Enterprise, Nationwide New High-tech Enterprise, Nationwide Important Torch-program New High-tech Enterprise, Nationwide Intellectual Property Experimental Enterprise, Outstanding Chinese Traditional Medicine Protection and Manufacture Demonstration Base, Fujian Province Innovation-oriented Enterprise, Fujian Province Intellectual Property Superiority Enterprise, and Provincial Level Industrial Tourist Spot. There are post-doctoral scientific research workstation, Fujian province academician specialist workstation, Fujian province traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise engineering and technological research center, and provincial level enterprise technology center in the company. The trademark of “Pien Tze Huang” is rated as China Famous Brand, Fujian Province Famous Trademark, Fujian Province Most influential and Contributive Brand over the thirty years of reform and opening-up, and Fujian Province Famous Export Brand.

    The exclusive manufactured country-level Chinese medicine protective variety and Chinese famous & expensive Chinese patent medicine in Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. –- Pien Tze Huang, is well received by consumers for its unique outstanding curative effect and healthcare function on anti-inflammation, detoxication, analgesia, etc.; especially its unique effect of hepatitis treatment, liver protection and detoxication, surgery cut healing promotion, and nameless pyogenic infections elimination. Moreover, Pien Tze Huang has the honor to get the first Certification of Original mark registration, Chinese Tradition Medicine Famous Brand title, and Reelected National Quality Gold Award, whose traditional production techniques are recorded in the national level non-material cultural heritage, shining this historical traditional precious Chinese patent medicine all over the world. Its annual exports earn several millions of US dollars and are ranked top on the single item of Chinese patent medicine for years.
    Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. always devote great effort to the scientific research. Pien Tze Huang liver protection research held by Hong Kong government Innovation and Technology Fund Support in CUHK achieves a positive result, which is published in the world-famous Denmark Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, arousing a big concern of western medical field. The rated national 863-Plan research on Pien Tze Huang anticancer and colorectal cancer treatment has made significant progress as well, therefore, this widespread civil use of Pien Tze Huang is again scientifically proved. The research of Pien Tze Huang used as tumour adjuvant drug and ischemic cerebral apoplexy treatment has been enrolled in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period, and subsidized by Ministry of Science and Technology.
    Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. pays attention to developing new products and researching new functions of old products, owning a batch of varieties with independent intellectual property rights and exclusive manufacture. Among them, Xinshubao Tablet and Qing Re Zhi Ke Granule, etc., are protective varieties of national second-level Chinese medicine; Zeng Ru Gao, Jin Tang Ning capsule, Qing Re Zhi Ke Granule, etc., are patented varieties; Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Xiaochaihu Granule, etc., are affirmed as high quality products. These products are of potential market competitiveness and development space. Its holding subsidiary company Fujian Pien Tze Huang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. owns PZH cosmetics and Queen Brand cosmetics, whose products are like Queen Brand Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream, etc., having a history of more than thirty years. PZH cosmetics adopt the national –Pien Tze Huang as the core of the production line, owning a series of products, such as Lingzhi Zhenyang Series, Zhenzhu Zhenbai Series, Xianquan Ningshui Series, and so on. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Pien Tze Huang Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. owns a series of daily chemical products, such as Pien Tze Huang mouth care series, Pien Tze Huang floral water, and so on.
    Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. works hard to expand the industrial chain upstream and downstream, developing itself from a simple pharmaceutical producing enterprise into a health industry of compound type enterprise, which contains the medicine raw material base, the flow management of pharmaceutical production, the production and management of distinctive cosmetics/daily chemical products and other nursing products. At present, Pien Tze Huang health industry group has been initially formed to a favorable development trend, taking the production and management of traditional famous brand Chinese patent medicine as a leading role, and synchronously combining the other products. A Pien Tze Huang industrial zone covering an area of 1,000 mu (equal to 66.7 hectares) will be built up in Jincheng Nanjin County, with a high-level construction plan. After the completion, PZH will solve the problem of capacity expansion and guarantee the great-leap-forward development in future.
    In recent years, PZH takes the construction of terminal marketing system as the planning priority. The development strategy will work in Zhangzhou and key cities all over China, forming a marketing network of a batch of terminal stores, such as “Pien Tze Huang Guo Yao Tang” Brand Store, “Pien Tze Huang Exclusive Distribution Store” “Pien Tze Huang Counter ” and Pien Tzh Huang Cosmetics Store, in order to make these products more popular.
    Today, Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been regarded as a respectable high-profile and high-reputation enterprise at home and abroad, adhering to the concept of “sustainable development of enterprise, steady returns to stockholders, benefit for human health” and to the spirit of “Unity, pragmatic, innovation and development”; establishing an enterprise image of “good medicine, beneficial to all”. Community of spirit and purpose will accomplish wonders and great virtue promotes growth. PZH aims to build up itself into a vigorous healthcare pharmaceutical industrial group with leading science and technology/ management science/remarkable benefit, and strive for bigger contribution for human health career.


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