Guobao famous tablet Zaigao has a history of nearly 500 years. It is a kind of national traditional Chinese medicine. Its prescription and technology should be protected by the state. Its traditional production techniques are listed in the national intangible cultural heritage. It has won the national quality gold medal and enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad.

The company has not inherited the spirit of good governance. Formed with "ingenuity to build the road of inheritance and innovation, benevolence to promote the development of ecology and civilization" management philosophy, with ingenuity, CC inheritance of the outstanding quality of film and cultural rice. We have established a quality-first placement development strategy to form a quality-oriented culture of excellence. Under the guidance of the quality policy of "selecting excellent materials, refining ingenuity, serving sincerity and excellence", we have implemented a comprehensive Quality-Two management model of "occupying strategic supply chain", leading China University with advanced quality level and management level. The development of the key Kang industry.